pscy 4010 capstone project

The Capstone Project will require that you choose an incident that raises an ethical dilemma/issue related to the role, activities, and setting of a psychologist (e.g., therapist, consultant, teacher, supervisor, or other role), one that requires resolution and that would benefit from going through an ethical decision-making process.You may choose a situation that you know about from the media, from the literature, or from your own life experiences. Please do not choose an incident from your text or any other ethics case book.

To successfully complete your Capstone Project, you must:

  • Describe the incident that you have chosen with enough detail so that someone who has not heard about it will understand it and see that the ethical issue(s) are apparent. Be sure to describe the role, activities, and setting of the psychologist involved in the incident.
  • Relate, by citing the specific number, the particular ethical standards to the issue or violation in your example.
  • Complete each of the ten steps outlined in the Canadian Psychological Code of Ethics for Psychologists ethical decision making process (pages 365–366 in the course text,Ethics in Psychotherapy and Counseling: A Practical Guide) to explain how you might address and resolve the ethical dilemma. Each step (1–10) should be included.
  • Conclude your project/paper with a brief, written self-reflection, noting what you learned from this assignment and what was most valuable about it.

The Capstone Project should be 7–10 pages in length, double spaced, APA formatted, and use appropriate grammar and spelling.

A brief outline of your Capstone Project is due for Instructor approval by Day 7 of Week 3. Please see the Week 3 Capstone Project area for requirements and submission details.

Although the Capstone Project is not to be submitted until Day 7 of Week 5, you should become familiar with the project requirements and have them in mind as you proceed through the course.

The Capstone Project will be evaluated according to all four indicators in the Application Assignment and Writing Rubric located in the Course Info area. Be sure that the Capstone Project is written using APA format.

Information on scholarly writing may be found in the APA Manual (5th edition), and at the Walden Writing Center Web site. Also see the Walden University Policies and Information, under “Policies on Academic Honesty.”

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