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Plese address apriorism seperate For your article topic, adduce a band-aid to the botheration of accession in Houston grocery aliment as a aftereffect of the Coronavirus (or COVID-19) pandemic.  Remember in the addition of a angle altercation essay, you charge explain that a botheration exists and in your apriorism statement, adduce a three-point solution. Choose one of two approaches in basic your thesis. 1) You may altercate three abstracted solutions to the botheration of accession in stores; or, 2) You may accompaniment one primary band-aid that is agitated out in three steps. People are accession not alone aliment and meat, but toilet paper, duke sanitizer, masks, bleach, antibacterial wipes, etc.  This article requires that you absorb actual from three alfresco sources. So, you may use the Lone Star College databases to chase bounded newspapers. From the Lone Star home page, go to: Libraries>Research Databases>Current Issues & News>News. You may additionally appointment bounded television account channels. Remember, to digest 90 percent of your alfresco actual and chase its actual use with an in-text/parenthetical citation. Your article will accommodate a Works Cited folio at the end. Uses bounded sources from Houston Texas Pdf is alone for advertence to accord an abstraction on how to address paper. DO NOT COPY

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