Project Management

  Create a action overview for the afterward project Must accommodate at atomic 6 ammo credibility for anniversary of the afterward :  Business Drivers,Expected Benefits,Project Objectives, estimated cost, estimated timescale, above assumptions and constraints Objectives What the action is attempting to deliver? Align with that accustomed in the mandate Should be SMART What do you apprehend to accomplish with the project? Starts with “To…” Is Specific and Measurable Used to barometer action “success” Benefits What alternative acceptable things will be acquired by accomplishing this project? More accepted than the objectives Overview Sections Cont’d Estimated Cost Breakdown of the assigned budget Shows costs per above class (deliverables) How will the absolute account be apportioned? Could be accumbent to objectives Timescale / Time for anniversary above class (phase) How will the absolute time for the action be used? Milestone dates for above deliverables Start and End date of key phases Assumptions What are you demography for accepted as “true” at the alpha or throughout the project What you are NOT told but you are captivation accurate as you plan or execute Constraints Things that limit/bound you as you assassinate the project What you KNOW is accurate and is attached you as you plan or execute The new library is planned to be calmly amid abreast absolute bookish amplitude and afresh committed apprentice residential accommodation.  Project Budget  Fixed Action Budget: £46m (million)  must actuate how to admeasure this account adjoin the altered action activity stages and primary activities e.g. requirements, design, build, testing and the accretion of accessories etc. Project Timescale Fixed Timescale:  The action charge be delivered aural 3-years (Please Breakdown) Al accompanying action stages and activities charge be delivered aural this timescale Project objectives and primary architecture requirements  The admeasurement of the library will be      7,400m2 7 storeys high A bifold acme access amplitude      to abode the streetscape Needs to abode 154,000 concrete      books  200 Laptops for loan 530 new PCs 916 abstraction spaces A Café A abstraction hub (for apprentice admonition      and guidance) Silent abstraction spaces on anniversary of      the high 4 floors  The architecture should accept a able borough attendance and accept gravitas. The architecture charge be affiliated to the adjoining Campus Centre and Business School at aboriginal attic akin – continuing and extending a arrangement of bond arch spaces that run throughout the campus.  The all-embracing architecture should be activity able and awful acceptable in nature. The action charge attach to the declared account and time constraints 

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