The activity will be a absolute activity appraisal on a property The acreage is evaluating your home or a home of a ancestors affiliate or friend.   General Guidelines -          The address submitted can be in PowerPoint version. -          Advice that is not accessible to you should be acquired from the market -          Obtaining advice can be in anatomy of visits, buzz calls, online chase or speaking to professionals. -          There is no specific cardinal of slides for the report. The appraisal will be on the content. -          The capital catechism I will ask during the presentation or while account the address is “on what basis?”. -          The added detail you accommodate the added clearer you are to a absolute valuation, the college the anticipation of earning a aerial grade. -          All calculations should be presented application excel and should accommodate the basal formulas. Grading The allocation of the address will be based on -          Detail (25%) -          Precision (25%) -          Clarity (25%) -          Insight (25%) For Home/Residential Appraisal Reports, the Table of Agreeable is as follows: 1)     Introduction 2)     Description of the Area (Refer to appropriate affiliate Urban Economics- Physical Description and Site Plan, Area Analysis 3)     Description of the Acreage Exterior/Interior (Pictures/Tables/Figures) 4)     Cost Approach 5)     Income Approach (if applicable) 6)     Comparable Approach 7)     Final Value (you adjudge on weights) 8)     Discussion on your anticipation of the accepted approaching amount on the home and on what basis. Photos, affair development, added documents Convert presentation to pdf 

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