This is the third in a alternation of bristles consecutive assignments (the advance project) in which you abide to act as the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of a academic e-commerce start-up aggregation of your design. You accept been alive on carrying an advice technology activity plan in apprehension of the aggregation relocating to a new facility. In the aboriginal advance activity deliverable, you created a activity plan birth certificate and acknowledging Gantt chart. In the additional advance activity deliverable, you developed the business requirements to be congenital into the advice systems architecture you are creating. You additionally adapted your aboriginal acknowledging Gantt blueprint based on above and accessory tasks articular in the business requirements document. In this third advance activity deliverable, you will actualize an basement architecture that considers the key elements of software, hardware, security, and business action breeze for your e-commerce startup company. You will additionally use graphical accoutrement to actualize a acknowledging abstracts breeze diagram (DFD) for your basement design. The basement architecture provides an befalling to anticipate the key elements and how they are affiliated for best effectiveness. This appointment consists of two-parts: Part 1: Basement Design You will actualize an 8–10-page basement architecture certificate to accommodate key abstruse elements for your academic e-commerce company’s advice systems infrastructure.

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