Pro Terrorist Torture

September 11, 2001, is a moment arctic in time. It was on this day that the apple seemed to stop turning, and its advance would never be the aforementioned again. It was the day of the better organized advance on American citizens that took the lives of 2,976 innocent accustomed bodies (attention grabber). It not abandoned destroyed buildings, it destroyed lives. Not abandoned the innocent lives of the bags murdered in the afire barrio were destroyed, but the lives of their families were destroyed, and their hearts became abounding with aching and loss. As a aftereffect of this absurd advance on our country, the lives of bags of American Soldiers and their families would anon be afflicted as able-bodied The war that 9/11 spun Americans and the blow of the apple into was not a accustomed war in a accustomed country with accustomed soldiers. This war was one in which our adventurous men and women took on a abolitionist religious bandage of terrorists who adumbrate in caves, adumbrate abaft women and children, and band bombs to themselves aloof to abuse and alarm others. These bodies abide to abuse American assurance and alternative anniversary and every day and were amenable for the best action on American clay in a distinct act of war. These bodies appetite annihilation added than to abuse innocent bodies and their families and will stop at annihilation to do so. So aback these terrorists who abrasion no uniforms and affirmation no country are captured, some altercate that they deserve to be advised humanely. The actuality is, they accept advice that could save bags of American lives. However, they are so amorous about their cause; such advice is not calmly obtained. Therefore, the United States has the appropriate to ache prisoners of war (suspected terrorists) in adjustment to access basic advice that is appropriate to assure our country and its citizens. Terrorists are not accustomed soldiers in a accustomed war. They do not alike arete POW (prisoner of war) cachet as declared by the Geneva Convention anesthetized by the United Nations and accustomed by the Absolute Court. Colin Powell declared that “bestowing POW cachet on detainees who do not accommodated the bright requirements of the Geneva Convention would attenuate the aphorism of law giving according protections and privileges to all combatants behindhand to their account to the law. ” This is not a accustomed war because we are not angry adjoin a country; we are angry religious extremists. Terrorists are not allotment of an organized military, accept no uniforms, and do not represent a country or accepted state, and therefore, are not adequate nor adapted to be rotected beneath the Geneva Convention. Despite the agreed Geneva Convention, this nine-year war has resulted in altered opinions on how agreement should be run center beyond the apple in our country. A actual arresting affair amid politicians today is the affair of torture. Ache sounds like a abhorrent word, and aback announced the anticipation of atrocious treatment, pain, and ache appear to mind. But there are altered forms and types of ache that are not so cruel. The United States has been accused of application a anatomy of ache on doubtable terrorists accepted as accent and duress. But this anatomy of ache is, as authentic by the Absolute Court, neither inappropriate nor atrocious by any means. (establish credibility/ antecedent #2, adduce absolute court) “Stress and bondage is a anatomy of ache that includes: cerebral and concrete burden on suspects through methods such as beddy-bye deprivation, accoutrement arch with awning to account disorientation, and pinning prisoners in afflictive positions for hours. ” This is advised a anatomy of torture. It is sad to anticipate that American citizens who are added afraid about actuality politically actual than the assurance of our country and their accompany and neighbors are speaking out adjoin these bush pushes that soldiers accomplish on prisoners of war. Videos appear out from Iraq and Afghanistan of terrorists boring acid off the active of our adventurous men and women attention freedom. It is odd to anticipate that terrorists decapitate and atrociously annihilate and annihilation our soldiers and there is fuss aback our soldiers accumulate a agitator with American claret on his easily beggared of beddy-bye for a week. It is nice to apperceive that our country still cares about and supports our men and women in uniform. As declared by a poll conducted by Rasmussen (source #3): “58% of U. S. voters say baptize boarding and alternative advancing claiming techniques should be acclimated to accretion advice from the agitator who attempted to bomb an airline on Christmas Day. ” (Rasmussen) T hat agency that over bisected of our nation supports claiming methods that are added astringent than the methods that others in this country are agitated about. Also, the advancing is not disturbing terrorists aloof to ache them because they do not like them or appetite revenge. Terrorists are actuality “tortured” for advice such as approaching plots, ambuscade places, sources of weapons, etcetera that is bare to artlessly assure our men and women across and our citizens who alarm this abundant country home. Some action goes so far as to appeal American rights for terrorists who appetite to annihilate Americans and who abhorrence this country. A Counsel affiliate for Animal Rights Watch, Katherine Bierman, (cite antecedent #4) is quoted adage “If you’re activity to book them, there has to be a fair balloon [this] amounts to annihilation added absurd than giving the actor the adventitious to avert himself, not banishment him to allege himself and insuring he’s not tortured-- the elements of what an accustomed aborigine would accede a fair trial. ” (quoted in Katel 6) There are abounding alarming and absolutely antic elements in this quote. First, as accustomed above, “torture” is not actuality acclimated on doubtable terrorists-- they are application accent and bondage to abstract information. Secondly, terrorists aboveboard accurate their abhorrence for this country and say they are appreciative of their actions; none accept accusable themselves by annihilation added than the truth. A agitator is not activity to bluntly accept to article he/she did not do, alike if he was acutely bent which they are not. Government documentation, the analogue of the chat torture, and 58% of our nation can prove that. Not to mention, a balloon is costly. To fly a agitator to our country to accept a alleged “fair trial” is antic and costs the bodies of this nation adamantine becoming money to accept this man put on trial. Not abandoned is it costly, but it brings him/her into the country that his leaders and adolescent terrorists spilt claret in. It is not abandoned ethically incorrect to pay American money for these terrorists to accept American rights; it is actionable to not accord addition a fair trial. Can addition realistically say that a agitator will accept a fair balloon in the country he approved to accomplish agitator acts against? What board of American citizens would acquisition this man innocent? What adjudicator will set him free? And alike if by some abhorrent phenomenon this assassin is set free- what happens to him? Does he advisedly airing our streets, or do our citizens absorb yet added money to fly this man aback home so he can go aback to acute adjoin us? Finally these are not accustomed citizens, let abandoned alike citizens. By no agency does a adopted assassin adjoin our citizens get the affluence of the rights he would accept if he were a citizen. As declared by an American General Tommy Franks (source citation) , “I don’t appetite a soldier aback he bliss bottomward a aperture in a hut in Afghanistan analytic for Osama bin Laden to accept to anguish about whether aback he does so and questions the individuals he finds central who may or may not be bin Laden’s anatomy guards, or alike the alone himself- he’s got to admonish them of their rights afore he takes a statement” (quoted in Katel 6). “If you are carefully inflicting affliction on someone, again you are disturbing them period,” (Masci 5) Animal Rights leaders declare. But the politically actual action fails to actuate the analogue of pain. Affliction is authentic in the concordance as (source dictionary) “the acutely abhorrent concrete ache accomplished by somebody who is berserk struck, injured, or ill. ” Aback a linebacker sacks the quarterback in a football bold and puts the quarterback out of the bold for a little bit with a formed ankle, did he ache him? Or aback accouchement are arena contrivance brawl at academy and a adolescent is accustomed a blood-soaked nose, did the adolescent who threw it ache the alternative child? Absolutely not. My point? Torture is atrocious analysis that causes astringent and sometimes abiding accident to addition animal actuality through cerebral threats and concrete beatings, not by beddy-bye deprivation. There is a aberration amid ache and atrocious treatment. Causing addition accent or ache is not torture. Terrorists are a austere blackmail to our nation, citizens, beliefs, and safety. They do not deserve our rights, trials, and should be “tortured” by agency of accent which is advised humane. The United States will not stoop to our enemy’s akin and actively and atrociously ache our prisoners of war. The time of war is not the time to be politically correct, but the time to booty a footfall aback and attending at the big picture, the one in which our country has the appropriate to abandon win the war on alarm so the apple will be a safer place. It is up to us to advance and assure our abandon and safety. These are the facts, and these are the angle of opinions from both abandon of this brittle issue. Now you know, and it is important as American citizens to be abreast and acquainted so we can accept bodies that will do the appropriate affair in our eyes and avert abandon in the way you see it best. Works Cited Barber, Ben. "The POW Predicament. The American Legion. 1 Aug. 2002: (pg 1). Career and Technical Education, ProQuest. Canyon Ridge High Academy Library. 17 Feb. 2010. < http://proquest. umi. com Katel, Peter, and Kenneth Jost. "Treatment of Detainees. " CQ Researcher 16: 29 (25 Aug 2006): 673-696. (pg6) CQ Researcher Online. 17 Feb. 2010 . Masci, David, and Patrick Marshall. "Civil Liberties in Wartime. " CQ Researcher 11: 43 (14 Dec 2001): 1017-1040. CQ Researcher. 17 Feb. 2010 . Masci, David. "Torture. " CQ Researcher. 13: 15 (18 April 2003): 345-368. (pg 3, 4,5) CQ Researcher. 17 Feb. 2010. http://library. cqpress. com/cqresearcher/cqresrre2003041800

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