Principles of Marketing MKT-301- discussion 4


Our discussion this week places us in the role of a consulting firm hired to design a unique and differentiated small chain of boutique pet supply stores. Our client has made it clear that we aren’t the shabby strip center puppy store and neither are we a big box discount store. Beyond that, they have given us little in the way of constraints or restrictions, beyond being profitable and ethical.

Your job is to design your image of the perfect pet and pet supply store. What products do we carry and what services do we offer? What do we look like? How do we market the store and build repeat business? You should also consider what type of customers we will target (and no, pet owners is not an adequate answer) and what that suggests about our products and services.

Your opening post should describe your recommendation to our clients in some, but not necessarily all, of these areas. Be clear, concise, and convincing; your bonus check depends on them accepting your ideas. Your collaboration (aka, your classmate responses) should expand on or question your classmates’ store design.


Have some fun and be sure to take home a new friend.

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