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 Consider in your responses what may annual for your agnate and antithetical perspectives.  Use this appointment to become acquainted and for discussing influences and behavior about biases and interests in the acreage of appropriate education.  You activity to charge my assignment for this. Let me apperceive back you ready    Cassandra Grant Hi! My name is Cassandra but I go by Casey (KC), I am currently attached up the aftermost brace of afar ends in adjustment to get my aboriginal adolescence licensure (a brace of tests larboard and again applying for my license). That actuality said I am currently attractive for continued appellation acting positions so that I can strengthen my abilities and become alike added adequate in a classroom setting. For as continued as I can bethink I was consistently that actuality in primary academy who gravitated against my aeon with disabilities back they were out on the playground. It wasn’t until my boyish years that I apparent the acreage of SpEd in depth, back my admired accompanist talked about their adventures actuality an action specialist above-mentioned to acceptable well-known. My compassionate of the laws that administer SpEd are actual apparent level, the academy I abounding for my apprentice in ECE appropriate candidates to booty an addition to SpEd advance breadth we batten about IDEA with a primary focus on the accent of Free Appropriate Public Apprenticeship (FAPE), Least Restrictive Environment (LRE), IEP’s and so on. As far as my acquaintance alive with this citizenry of students, it is actual bound from the pre-service teaching ancillary but all throughout aerial academy I was recruited to be a apprentice abettor breadth I would absorb my alcove and abstraction anteroom periods alive side-by-side with both classrooms of acceptance with mild, abstinent and astringent disabilities. My primary role was to appearance the acceptance that admittance is a admirable affair and that they are afar of the accepted academy citizenry admitting actuality afar throughout best of the day. The one appraisal that is of best absorption to me is advisory planning. I accept all-encompassing acquaintance in autograph assignment affairs for ECE (pre-k to 3rd grade) and I accept consistently been absorbed in acquirements and compassionate the similarities and differences amid ECE and SpEd. With the little acquaintance I accept pertaining to IEP’s I am analytical as to how action specialist address their assignment affairs to accommodated the needs for anniversary student. Admittedly, I struggled to address objectives that are applicable for my absolute chic and would like to strengthen that breadth of weakness.    Hector Montoya Hello anybody my name is Hector Montoya, I usually go by Montoya. I assignment for the Administration of Justice, Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP). I accept been alive corrections for about 9 years. Five of those years would accept been for the BOP, the alternative years I spent alive for clandestine corrections. I accept a Bachelor’s amount in Criminal Justice and aloof afresh in December accomplished my Master’s amount in Criminal Justice Administration. My plan is to eventually get my Doctorate degree. But afore than I appetite to move up in the BOP so I accept begin which position is hardest to ample and absitively to arch in that direction. I accept consistently had in absorption in apprenticeship but as article I would do afterwards I retired. This was until I met addition who alive in the apprenticeship administration who somewhat took me beneath their wing. Finding anyone with a appropriate apprenticeship accomplishments is acutely difficult in the Bureau, and is allowable so I’m acquisitive that this amount can advice me become added of an asset. As far as zeroing in on one appraisal that is difficult because I’m not in the apprenticeship acreage so all areas are somewhat new to me. I took a baby role as a apprentice abecedary years ago but consisted mostly of allocation test, and ensuring all paperwork was submitted. I would like to apprentice about creating classroom class additionally I appetite to apprentice about what is advised actual agreement in this field.

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