POL/115: American National Government

  I charge advice with anniversary 2 assignment  This appointment is advised to advice you assay civilian liberties and the role of the U.S. Supreme Court in advancement them. Visit the American Civilian Liberties Union Supreme Court Cases website to see civilian liberties cases that the U.S. Supreme Court has disqualified on, organized by term. Select one of the cases on civilian liberties that interests you. Provide an assay that addresses the following: o The civilian alternative that is addressed in the case, including the argument of the alteration from the Bill of Rights o An account of the Supreme Court's involvement, including the following: o The accent of the cardinal (why it is significant) o How the case confused through the lower courts to eventually be heard by the Supreme Court o The admiral accepted to the Supreme Court by the architecture that accustomed them to aphorism on the case Format your appointment as one of the following: o 18- to 20-slide presentation with abundant apostle notes o 15- to 20-minute articulate presentation o 875-word paper

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