Please answer the following questions.

Part 1: Describe two to three macroeconomic factors that access absorption ante in general. Explain the furnishings of anniversary agency on absorption rates. 100 words + 1 reference Now anticipate about the industry in which you are active or one in which you accept accomplished experience. To what macroeconomic factors is your industry best sensitive? 100words + 1 reference Describe two abreast factors that assume to be impacting your industry today, and analyze their impacts on the absorption ante accomplished aural your called industry. 100 words + 1 reference Part 2: Provide examples of how your aggregation has acclimated the concepts. Do you accept costs a company's operation application banal is bigger than costs with bonds? Why or why not? Support your altercation with a after example. 100 words + 1 reference Present a altercation on why the abstracts are important in banking decision-making. How would you absorb accident and acknowledgment in your costs decisions? 100 words + 1 reference

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