please answer any 4 questions 80 words any of the following with references and no plagiarim.

  Create a cilia and acknowledgment 4 of the afterward questions  Enter your name as the Subject Enter the catechism # you accept chose at the alpha of anniversary acknowledgment so that others apperceive what catechism you accept chosen. (i.e. Q2, Q4, Q5, Q6) 1. Describe TQM, Six Sigma and CMM (CMMI). 2. What is a Structured Walk-thru? 3. What are Service-Oriented Architectures? 4. Describe the use of Documentation and Procedure Manuals. 5. Describe the Testing, Maintenance and Auditing process. 6. Describe how Systems are Distributed. 7. Describe how Training is conducted during Implementation. 8. Describe System Conversion. 9. Describe the Security Concerns of Implementation. 10. Describe the Evaluation Process.

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