Plagiarism Free Guarantee

Being a company providing academic assistance, we work hard so as to provide authentic and high quality papers to our clients. We know how bad plagiarism can negatively affect the academic life of a student. To ensure that all the papers we send to our clients are plagiarism free, they are all passed through a plagiarism detecting software. Thus you can be sure to get an original plagiarism free paper from us.

How it works

To ensure we submit original work, our software has advanced algorithms which are able to unmask cheating as it can see through all tricks that can be used. This software is able to scan sources all over the internet and thus it matches the top-notch plagiarism checkers. Our plagiarism checker can do the following;

  • Identify information that has been copy-pasted from direct sources.
  • Identify any attempt to hide plagiarism by the use of synonyms.
  • Identify plagiarism in sentences whose voice has been changed from active to passive voice or from passive to active voice

You can fully trust us with all your academic problems as we assure you of an original, plagiarism free content.

Originality is very important when it comes to academic writing.

As a student, submitting plagiarized work can highly affect your performance. Plagiarism is viewed as cheating. Most institutions have strict policies regarding cheating. In some cases you can fail in the subject, get suspended or even worse get expelled. Most lecturers use plagiarism checkers thus even if you copy pasted a small part of a paper, it might not go unnoticed. Thus you should never risk submitting a plagiarized paper. It is also important for you to have plagiarism checkers to ensure your paper is original. If you work with us, you can request for a plagiarism report as we offer this whenever a client requests.

For an educator plagiarism can affect their reputation and credibility. This means you have to be very carefully about it. We are always very carefully when working on our orders but we always urge our clients to check their papers carefully to ensure everything is okay.

Found plagiarism? Get your paper revised

At course help online we care so much about our customers’ satisfaction. We value the positive feedback we get from our clients and always strive to sustain. Sometimes despite how carefully we are, something might go unnoticed. If you find plagiarism in your paper or you think your paper is plagiarized, please request for a free revision. You can also request for a refund if you are able to prove that the content in your paper is not original.

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