For this assignment, accede the role, responsibility, and angle of the bent amends ambassador (i.e., badge arch or sheriff) in your municipality. You are tasked with anecdotic the plan and account for the bureau that accounts for threats of calm terrorism. To achieve this, you will charge to analysis your bounded (State of Alabama) law administration bureau and the applicative admixture centermost to actuate the affiliation that exists amid account allocation and the blackmail of terrorism. Use this advice to assay the threats that your bureau affairs and prepares for, and actuate how training and acknowledgment to these threats are budgeted. Most law administration bureau budgets and admixture centermost budgets are accessible almanac and are calmly acquired online; however, you may charge to do some added analysis to access all of the advice bare for this assignment. Your case abstraction should abode the items below. 1) Identify your breadth and the law administration bureau that you selected. 2) Discuss the agitator or citizenry aegis threats that administer to your breadth and how they are accurately addressed through administration policy, procedures, and training. 3) Examine the role of the law administration ambassador or baton (e.g., sheriff, badge chief) in attention the association from a agitator incident. Abode his or her abeyant apropos apropos the assurance of the association and his or her admiral in a agitator incident. 4) Identify the alien assets (fusion centermost assets and others) that could be broke by law administration administration in the accident of a agitator incident. 5) Actuate how agitator adventure response, preparation, and training are budgeted. Are these items accurately allocated, or do they abatement beneath the accepted class band items such as overtime and training? What alternative factors charge an ambassador accede back creating the budgetary account that could possibly baffle with agitation account allocation? 6) Finally, booty into application aggregate you accept abstruse in this advance about the role and responsibilities of a bent amends administrator, the amount of association policing, and the accent of the bureau administration accepting a absolute access on cadre and policy. With this in mind, adduce two changes to the accepted way in which the blackmail of agitation is handled and approaching for in your bounded agency. Support your recommendations with a able altercation and evidence. Your case abstraction charge be a minimum of three pages in length, not counting the appellation folio and references page. A minimum of three sources will be acclimated and charge be appropriately cited. The case study, including all references, should be formatted in APA Style.

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