Picture plants and give Scientific name, Where you found it, Derived features it has …etc

You charge to accept TEN plants from the account given: 1) Green algae 2) Bryophyte (liverwort, moss, or hornwort) 3) Lycophyte 4) Pterophyte (fern, barrel fern, or horsetail) 5) Gymnosperm 6) Angiosperm Monocot 7) Angiosperm Dicot The actual three can be annihilation abroad you acquisition interesting. Accept fun with it! Take photos with your iPad camera (you may charge assorted pictures to certificate the absolute plant, leaves (if any), flowers (if any), alternative absorbing structures). Put calm a address (Word or pdf acceptable, but apparently easier for all of you if it is a Pages document), on your ten plants. Include for anniversary specimen, A) Photo(s) B) Scientific name C) Where you begin it D) How it is classified E) Derived appearance it has (e.g., for the angiosperms, you could say "flower" and "fruit") F) Annihilation abroad absorbing you accept learned G) The source(s) of any advice you included that did NOT appear from your own brain Happy hunting! P.S. You should be able to acquisition best of these about about (at home, campus, lab. If you accept agitation award one of the account (my assumption would be the lycophyte will be the best challenging), it is accept to bandy it out with article abroad you begin so you can still accept all ten.

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