Physical Science

In alertness for your Signature Assignment and Presentation application PowerPoint slides in anniversary 9, baddest a affair that is accompanying to Physical Science.  The signature Assignment will be disconnected into three parts.  First, the addition will acquaint your topic, why it is advised important, and the consequences,  if any, if not addressed.  This allotment 1 will be due in anniversary 5.   Allotment 2 is the meat of your Signature Assignment. The three subcategories that Allotment 2 should abode should be:              a.  PESTEL affair (political, economic, strategic, technology, educational, and Legal) ramifications.               b.  Assay (qualitative or quantitative (preferred)              c.  Resulting abeyant solutions             Accommodate charts, graphs, aesthetic depictions of the problem.             Allotment 2 will be due in anniversary six.         3.  Recommendations and Conclusions.  The disciplinarian for this third area should be the analysis, theme, and the analysis conducted in allotment 2.   Part 3 will be due in anniversary 7.        4.  All three genitalia will be angry in anniversary 8 for final review, evaluation, and scoring.  Prepare an 8-10 PowerPoint Accelerate abrupt which will accommodate a appellation folio slide, an calendar slide, the meat of the abrupt consisting of the three genitalia of your paper.  The abrupt should accommodate apostle notes, in-text citations, and a advertence page. When anniversary of the genitalia is angry in, I will read, evaluate, and accommodate comments aback as feedback. The acknowledgment should be a antecedent for anniversary apprentice to advance your cardboard and your abrupt so that the final cardboard and PowerPoint accelerate presentation should be about perfect. Both the final Signature Assignment advance cardboard and PowerPoint slides will be angry in for final scoring in anniversary 9. Posted my allotment 1, now charge the allotment 2 

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