In this week's interview, Dr. Sharpe shares what is in abounding means his "last lecture," in which he brings cease to his life's assignment and talks about the account that accept aggressive him. As you attending aback on this advance and your new learning, reflect on what you ability accommodate if you were asked to accord a "last lecture" of your own, absorption on the elements that accept shaped your life's assignment or what you brainstorm what your life's assignment will be. What affectionate of bequest do you achievement to leave behind? In what means do you anticipate beatitude and adulation will amount into that legacy? And conceivably best importantly: What changes can you accomplish to your activity now to ensure that at the end of your life, you will accept lived the way you wanted? To prepare  Listen to the Radio Laureate Account with Dr. Kevin Sharpe: "The Road Abaft and the Road Ahead." Anticipate about some of the contributions to the apple that you'd like to accomplish that you could allotment in your own "last lecture." Consider how this advance has impacted the way that you anticipate about Science and Religion. Reflect on how you could administer what you accept abstruse in this advance to your own life, community, and work. The assignment: Compose a 500-word in which you do the following: Allotment three elements that you anticipate you would accommodate in your own "last lecture" if you were asked to call the contributions that you see yourself authoritative to the world. Assess how this advance has impacted your compassionate of Science and Spirituality in general. Call how your acquirements in this course, abnormally about altered expressions and understandings of adulation and happiness, will appulse your own life.

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