cite all answers- use APA book anatomy and referencing 1. What are the signs of benzodiazepine toxicity?  How is it treated? 2. How do bounded anesthetics work? Why are vasoconstrictors generally acclimated with bounded anesthetics? 3. Why are bounded anesthetics with epinephrine not acclimated abreast toes, fingers, noses, ears, or penis?  Describe counterbalanced anesthesia. 4. What is the apparatus of activity of inhaled anesthetics? 5. Describe minimum alveolar concentration. 6. Name 3 adverse furnishings of accepted anesthetics and the nursing affliction adapted to advice with these effects. 7. Name two classes of medications acclimated to amusement ADHD. 8. What is the aberration amid biologic corruption and biologic addiction. 9. What is the aberration amid opioid altruism and concrete dependence? 10. What chic of medications is aboriginal band analysis for booze withdrawal? 11. Name two non-nicotine drugs acclimated to aid in smoker cessation 12. What are the signs of opioid withdrawal?  13. What are some medical uses of marijuana or cannabinoids

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