Week 7: Discussion Question - Case Study Previous Next  Points: 25 | Due Date: Anniversary 7, Day 3 & 7 | CLO: 1-7 | Brand Category: Discussions Discussion Prompt Ms. Whitley is a 26 year old female. She has a history of asthma back brand school, for the aftermost 3 months she has had to use her Albuterol inhaler 3-4 times per week, sometimes at night. She states she has abiding knee affliction from arena soccer in aerial school, no surgeries, and takes Acetaminophen as needed. She additionally asks about starting a bearing ascendancy method, currently application condoms. She asks what you anticipate about medication to advice with weight accident back she would like to bead the 20 lbs she acquired in college. >What medication recommendations will you make? Include the biologic class, all-encompassing and barter name and starting dosage range. Accommodate account for your choices. >Discuss any abeyant ancillary furnishings and biologic interactions for this patient. >What non-pharmacological interventions would you suggest? >What accommodating apprenticeship would you provide? Expectations Initial Post: Due: Thursday, 11:59 pm PT Length: A minimum of 500 words, not including references Citations: At atomic two high-level bookish advertence in APA from aural the aftermost 5 years

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