PESTEL Project

You will assignment in teams  as assigned to you, to conduct a PESTEL assay of a business alignment in BC. You will baddest a baby business about you (a coffee shop, a accessibility store, a boutique, etc.) and accomplish acreage trips to beam and appraise the elements of the business ambiance for this accurate business. (Due to COVID 19 you are accustomed to conduct your assay online. Acreage trips are not necessary) You may additionally conduct a abrupt account with the abundance buyer and/or advisers to analyze accordant advice in added detail. You will again accommodate a accounting address in commendations to how anniversary of the ecology armament (economic, social, technological, competitive, environmental, political, and all-around factors) impacts your called organization, based on your observations and the advice you will gather. Your PESTEL assay will basically appraise some of the political, economic, social, technological, environmental, and acknowledged factors affecting your called business organization. Added specifically, accomplish abiding that for anniversary ecology factor, you will appraise your business’s: • accepted strengths, • accepted challenges, • approaching prospects, and • approaching risks. End your altercation with a holistic approach, and accommodate your own comments on the success, potential, and sustainability of your called alignment in the industry in which it operates. The aggregation will address a 12 folio (double spaced, 12-pt font, APA style) address of its allegation as able-bodied as accomplish a presentation at the end of the semester.

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