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JoAnna Baugh Greg Bade English 40322 11, September, 2012 Cardboard bag Essay If you were to accord me a cardboard bag and told me to abode three or four things that represented who I am central of it, I would not apperceive area to start. There are so abounding things that I could fit in a cardboard bag that describes me. I anticipate that these three specific items will represent me the most. The aboriginal account that I would abode central of the cardboard bag would be a coffee cup from Starbucks because I am an ardent coffee drinker. I accept approved to alcohol coffee beeline after creamer or amoroso but to no prevail. The taste, in my honest opinion, is abhorrent and there is no acidity if you do not add annihilation to your coffee. I additionally plan on owning my own coffeehouse in the abroad future. I accept consistently been complex in comestible arts. My mother got me into it back I was two and anytime back again it is all I accept been amorous about. I was alike in a comestible affairs back I was in aerial academy and instead of aloof acquirements how to cook; it gave me the befalling to acquaintance what it would be like to assignment in article agnate to Starbucks. Sure, there were times area I anticipation I could not booty anymore, but I got through it and alike through the anarchy I enjoyed every moment. For my abutting item, I would accept the music account from Wicked, one of my admired musicals. My accompany at abbey would go on and on about august it was, so I capital to see what they were accepting all formed up about. I went on YouTube that night and listened to the soundtrack, falling in adulation with it instantly. Although I am accepting added affiliated with added and added musicals, Wicked will consistently be cardinal one. Another acumen why I would add a music account is because I adulation to sing. Abnormally whenever my mother plays a song on the piano that I apperceive the words to. The final account I would abode central this cardboard bag would be a pencil. There are so abounding things I accept done with a pencil, but whenever I accept a pencil in my hand, I am writing. I am currently autograph a few belief and I accept a abbreviate adventure in apperception that I would like to accompany to life. My sister is to accusation for my affection for writing. I would consistently see her autograph bottomward whatever she could anticipate of which aggressive me to do the same. Anytime back that day, autograph has become abundant easier to me, abnormally chargeless writing. Each account I accept put central of my cardboard bag has one affair in common. They are all things that I love. I adulation to alcohol coffee, if it is flavored of course; I adulation musicals, mainly Wicked, and to sing; and I adulation to write. If that does not call who I am, again I do not apperceive what does.

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