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Paper Analyze the three above types of controls that organizations can use to assure their advice assets and accommodate an archetype of anniversary one. What is TCP/IP? Explain its layers and how they are used. Discuss the ethical and acknowledged issues accompanying to cyberbanking business and accommodate examples. Apply billow accretion to an alignment and analyze the key allowances of it. Describe anniversary appearance of the business analytics process. Apply the six accepted types of cyberbanking business to an organization. Discuss the four business decisions that companies charge accomplish back they access new applications. A admonition to accept at atomic six (6) peer-reviewed sources. Presentation Prepare a able PowerPoint presentation summarizing your allegation from the paper. The presentation will abide of your above findings, analysis, and recommendations in a abridged presentation of 15 slides (minimum). You should use agreeable from your address as actual for your PowerPoint presentation. In addition, you should accommodate acquirements outcomes from all your above assignments. An agenda, controlling summary, and references slides should additionally be included. Presentations should not beat 15 minutes.

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