Assignment Content Read the "Sony Shoots the Messenger" Case Study on p. 440 in The Practice of Accessible Relations, Ch. 11. relations 13th copy   By Fraser p. Seitel   Answer the three questions at the end of the affiliate on p. 442.  Questions How would you appraise Sony’s administration of the hacking scandal?   Had you been Amy Pascal’s accessible relations advisor, how would you accept appropriate she handle the fallout from the e-mails, adjudged as “racist?”   3 Had Pascal asked you to admonition her on what to do in ablaze of her husband’s e-mail about the roundtable, what would you accept suggested?   Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word cardboard in which you call how the case was handled, and accommodate recommended improvements for your applicant (Sony).   Include three alfresco references, as able-bodied as citations with your paper.          Format your cardboard constant with APA guidelines.   Submit your assignment

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