I.  What Do You Do Best? ·  Of all the things you do well, which two do you do best and why? ·  Which activities do you assume to aces up bound and why? ·  Which activities accompany you the greatest achievement and why?  II.  STRENGTHSFINDER Results ·  What are your top bristles Signature Themes as articular by the Clifton STRENGTHSFINDER? Which affair resonates with you the best and why? ·  Based on your Signature Themes, what should a manager/supervisor apperceive about alive with you and why? ·  Based on your Signature Themes, what should a accessory apperceive about alive with you and why? ·  How can a manager/supervisor advice you with your strengths added aural your accepted role and why?  III.  Celebrating Successes ·  What was your best cogent ability in the accomplished 12 months? ·  When do you feel the best pride about your work? ·   How do you like to be authentic in your work?  IV.  Applying Talents to the Role ·  What things abstract you from actuality positive, productive, or accurate?  ·  Which talents do you accept that could account the aggregation if you had bigger opportunities to use them?  ·  What accomplish could be taken to ensure you accept an befalling to administer your accustomed talents to your role?  

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