PA 765

Read “A Battle for Dominance in Adaptable Payments” on pages 67-71. Then, acknowledgment the four altercation questions (with at atomic eight [8] peer-reviewed sources): What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of adaptable acquittal systems in (a) developed countries and (b) developing countries?  What are the key factors that differentiate the altered adaptable acquittal systems?  Which factors do consumers affliction best about?  Which factors do merchants affliction best about?  Are there armament that are acceptable to animate one of the adaptable acquittal systems to appear as dominant? If so, what do you accept will actuate which becomes dominant?  Is there annihilation the adaptable acquittal systems could do to access the likelihood of them acceptable dominant?  How do these altered adaptable systems access or abatement the ability of (a) banks and (b) acclaim cards? Write a abundant 3-5 folio address formatted in APA with a minimum of eight (8) peer-reviewed sources..

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