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Thesis Statement: Despite the fact that an amendment was enacted on women suffrage, this was just the start of a long journey for women to be regarded as free. This journey still needs serious work because victory is not easily achieved.

This essay is an overview and an affirmation of the argument by the writer that it is successful in addressing and expressing the issue at hand. The essay gives an account of the different ways through which women’s freedom can be achieved and the necessary efforts that need to be put in action. Coverage of important issues that affect women and how their freedom is suppressed is also covered in the essay. The reader of this essay should be able to have and create a picture of how the rights of women are infringed on and how opportunities for the women can be created. It should also raise awareness in the reader on how important the freedom of women is.
By completing the assignment, I got a deeper understanding of the topic and the issue at hand. It has opened up my mind and thinking on the issues that face women, what brings about these issues and how important it is for women to be granted independence. It has also enlightened me that women have great potential which if well exploited could bear a lot for the society. My perspective on women’s issues and what hampers their freedom has been changed. Some issues that could sound very ordinary and just like another big joke to anyone else have been explained in rather deeper way and given a deeper meaning.
In the process of writing the assignment, the difficulties experienced include selecting the more important issues that affect women since all issues appear to be equally important. Resources that touch on women’s issues are also scarce meaning that the issues have not been given the required attention by scholars. The available scholarly materials and sources that has information about freedom of women haven’t been a rich source of information to satisfy the great thirst and questions that that I would have liked to satisfy and answer. However, further research could assist in satisfying this thirst.
The most interesting fact that I enjoyed about the assignment is that I got an opportunity to address a topic which is highly ignored by many people and seen as not important. The study and writing about this topic enriched me with knowledge and strategic issues about women that I did not understand before. The assignment in itself is enjoyable to tackle and handle since it is addressing something that facts can be given meaning that it’s more of a reality than mere thinking or fiction. It is what the world is and daily experience though seen by many as a normal issue.
I choose the essay that addresses issues on freedom of women ‘Now We Can Begin; What’s Next’. I choose this essay since it is an enlightenment and challenging the society to pay attention on an issue that sounds like mere theory while its what people live with. This essay further encourages women and guides them on the path that is likely to address the challenges that they are faced with and how they can apply the same to avert their current situation to a better one. It is a spring of hope that though women may not have the full freedom at the moment, it’s still an achievable dream that can come true over time.
Before reading the letter, I would like you to in every any of your of your capabilities support the topic on women empowerment and raise awareness on the issues affecting women. This issue may look minute and very ordinary but so it is to an ignorant person who believes that the obvious can’t be crucial. For the society to grow and advance forward, women must be granted freedom and more importantly, opportunities to exercise and exploit the potential they posses.

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