Our struggle for freedom, civil liberties, and political equality

Initial Column Instructions For the antecedent post, acknowledge to one of the afterward options, and characterization the alpha of your column advertence either Option 1 or Option 2: Option 1: The According Rights Amendment was aboriginal proposed about a aeon ago and has still not been added to the United States Constitution. It is declared to agreement according acknowledged rights for all American citizens behindhand of sex. It was aboriginal alien to Congress by Alice Paul, baton of women's capitalism movement in 1923. Compare/contrast the According Rights Amendment with the Fourteenth Amendment. Did they accord with abstracted concepts? Explain your answer. Option 2: The Bill of Rights is not alone included with the United States Architecture but additionally accompaniment constitutions. All states accept accoutrement in their constitutions that assure alone rights. Go online and attending up your accompaniment architecture apropos amendments that are included in the Bill of Rights. How does your accompaniment architecture assure your alone rights? Be abiding to accomplish access amid your account and abstracts and the research, concepts, terms, and approach we are discussing this week. Writing Requirements Cite your sources back applicative (assigned readings/online acquaint and an alfresco bookish source) APA architecture for in-text citations and account of references

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