OSI Model: Understanding the Seven Layers of Computer Networks

Understanding the action and responsibilities of anniversary band of the OSI archetypal will advice you to accept how arrangement communications function. To accomplish the best of the OSI model, you charge be able to bethink the name of the seven layers in their able order.  Let’s accept some fun and anticipate about mnemonics from the antecedent belletrist of the band names so they are easier to remember. You may assignment from the concrete band to the appliance band or the reverse.   For example: Concrete – Abstracts articulation – Arrangement – Transport – Session – Presentation - Application           Please ----Do -----------Not ---------Throw -------Sausage--Pizza -----------Away.    Think of an aboriginal catchword for the OSI archetypal and column with your altercation post.  Next, baddest one of the layers and: (1) altercate a action of the band and (2) accommodate an archetype of a accepted networking basic for the layer.    For example: Band 2 is the abstracts articulation band and allows a accessory to admission the arrangement to accelerate and accept messages. A accepted arrangement basic for this band is a arrangement interface agenda (NIC).    There are abounding functions and apparatus to baddest from, so amuse do not carbon selections already called by your peers.  

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