1-2 PARAGRAPHS EACH AND SEPARATE RESPONSES!!     1.   "The Acceptable Old Days" Compare activity afore science and technology “in the acceptable old days” with activity in the present time. Be abiding to accommodate the fields of medicine, transportation, and communication. 2. "Governance and Compliance"  Given the charge for babyminding and acquiescence aural the workplace, advance two methods that an alignment could apply to brainwash the accent of babyminding and acquiescence to employees. Create a account of three credibility that you would accent back acknowledgment this accountable to employees. Justify your choices. 3.  "Software Engineering Code of Ethics and Professional Practice" Please acknowledge to the following: · In your account this week, you looked at the Software Engineering Code of Ethics and Professional Practice. Read the afterward questions and column your antecedent acknowledgment by Wednesday for abounding points. Return on a brace of alternative canicule afore the Sunday due date and collaborate with a brace of classmates. Acknowledge to any posters who accept commented on your column and acknowledge to the posts of others. Let’s get the chat going... and don’t balloon to accept fun while you’re learning!  o Do you anticipate software engineers should be certified? If not, why do we charge to accept the Software Engineering Code of Ethics and Professional Practice? If yes, add your acknowledging arguments. o I am alive as a software architect in XYZ Company. Can I say I am an “excellent software engineer”? What kinds of things can accomplished software engineers accord to a business? Your acknowledgment should accede the Software Engineering Code of Ethics and Professional Practice.

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