Organizational Economics Project

Company Title: Pepsico  Presentation Need the afterward slides for  with apa format. Introduction on the aggregation (overview), what does the aggregation do, what artefact or account does it offer, and area is it amid (headquarters) Who are its capital competitors (list all competitors)? What is the bazaar anatomy (e.g. authentic competition, monopoly, oligopoly, etc.)? How is it regulated? Demand Analysis Pricing Analysis What they got amiss assay account a action aberration application the advance concepts What they got appropriate assay account a action win application the advance concepts Additional instructions:  The Presentation charge be organized in the afterward way: Appellation Slide Concise with sections acutely defined 10-12 accelerate minimum (title, conclusion, reference, and question/answer) At minimum 10 account in length All slides charge accept apostle notes No grammar, spelling, punctuation, or accounting errors Please analysis the sample PowerPoint presentation that's attached. The sample presentation is a adviser and should advice with compassionate expectations.

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