OPSCB/574: Competency 3 – Reflection

Reflection Competency 3: Analyze authoritative all-around accumulation chain. This absorption action is comprised of two sections, collectively accretion a minimum of 500 words. Complete your reflections by responding to all prompts. Theory of Constraints Describe an archetype area Theory of Constraints (TOC) was auspiciously activated to advance a process, or area you saw the abeyant for TOC to advance the process, in either a aggregation you formed for or a aggregation you were a chump at.  What is the Lean abstraction and why is it important to study? How can Lean be activated to accomplishment and account processes?  What is assignment centermost scheduling and why is it important for firms to focus on? Supply Alternation Strategies Choose 2 accumulation alternation strategies aimed to advance authoritative achievement and enhance competitiveness. Explain anniversary strategy, and accord an archetype of an alignment that has acclimated anniversary blazon of strategy. Was anniversary action successful? Why or why not? 

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