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This anniversary we focus on the assorted ability stages and variables in the average administrator best practices arc.  Refer to chapter 12 from this week’s account and not the assorted stages, what they are and why they are important.Note: The aboriginal column should be fabricated by Wednesday 5 p.m., EST.  There is alone one column due this week.Your acknowledgment should be 250-300 words. Anniversary 16 AssignmentInformation Technology and Organizational Learning Assignment: Review the area on the definitions of ability stages and ambit variables in the CEO Technology Best Practices Arc.  Define anniversary of the ability stages and achievement dimensions.  What are the key concepts from anniversary section?  The aloft acquiescence should be one -page in breadth and attach to APA formatting standards.**Remember the APA awning folio and the references (if required) do not calculation appear the folio length**

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