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  1.  Which countries are the bigger users of the Internet? Social media? Mobile? 2.  Which country had the bigger Internet advance (in %) in the aftermost bristles years? 3.  How will best bodies affix to the Internet in the future? 4.  What are two altered applications of wearable technologies? 5.  What are two altered applications of collaborative technologies? 6.  What capabilities do printable technologies have? 7.  How will advances in wireless technologies and sensors accomplish altar “findable”? 8.  What is added situational awareness? 9.  What is a nanobot? 10. What is a UAV? 11. If you were activity to alpha a new technology business, which of the arising trends do you anticipate would be the bigger opportunity? Do some aboriginal analysis to appraisal the bazaar size. 12. What aloofness apropos could be aloft by collaborative technologies such as Waze? 13. Do some analysis about the aboriginal blaster printed application a 3-D printer and address on some of the apropos raised. 14. Write up an archetype of how IoT ability accommodate a business with a aggressive advantage. 15. Review the application claiming in the agenda era (as able-bodied as the absolute chapter).  Reflect on the assorted challenges are present in the agenda era.  Will things get bigger or added complicated as times goes on?  Explain.  What are some methods to digest new ancestors into the workforce to anticipate about aggressive advantage? https://opentextbook.site/informationsystems2019/chapter/chapter-11-globalization-and-the-digital-divide-information-systems-introduction/

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