Open Ended Questions

Answer the following open-ended questions focusing on Chapter 2 of the APA Manual, Writing Clearly and Concisely. Use full sentences for your response, check your spelling, and make sure you address the entire question. You should provide a one to two paragraph response to each question.
1. What is meant by the term “tone” as it applies to writing? Why is it important?
2. What are several strategies that can be used to improve your writing style?
3. The prime objective of scientific reporting is clear communication. How can you achieve this?
4. List and briefly discuss two important points that were made with regard to writing and racial and ethnic identify. Why is it important that you as a writer be aware of these points?
and the next two questions…..
Respond to the open-ended questions below. Use full sentences for your response; check your spelling, composition, and grammar. The length of your response should be at least one to two full paragraphs.
3. Explain when you use double and single quotation marks and when you use block quotations.
4. Up to what number are you to use words to express numbers? What is one other time you are to use words to express numbers that was discussed in Chapter 4?

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