Online Analytic Processing (OLAP)

In 250-300 words, discuss: Discussion Questions- Review the databases called aftermost anniversary and adduce and absolve examples of each;  Consolidation Drill-down Allotment and dice The action of allegory multidimensional abstracts application three operations: alliance (the accession of available), drill-down(the adeptness for users to see the basal details), and allotment and dice (the adeptness for users to baddest subsets and appearance them from altered perspectives).  Reference of the Database called aftermost week: The National Institute of Health Center for Disease Control ●Alcohol Use ●Arthritis ●Asthma ●Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) ●Birth Defects ●Births & Natality ●Blood Disorders ●Breastfeeding ●Cancer ●Chronic Diseases ●Chronic Kidney Disease ●Corona Virus ●Deaths & Mortality ●Environmental Health ●Food-borne Illness ●Genomics ●Heart Disease ●Healthy Aging ●Immunizations ●Injuries & Violence (WISQARS) ●Life Expectancy ●Lyme Disease ●Oral Health ●Overweight & Obesity ●Physical Activity ●Reproductive Health ●Smoking & Tobacco ●STDs ●Tuberculosis (TB) ●Viral Hepatitis   

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