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  Management Consulting Arrangement (MCT) with “Shandong Gold’s Proposed  Acquisition of TMAC in the High Arctic”STEP 1: Important Pre-MCT action  (getting accessible to use the MCT). First. afore acknowledging the key  opportunity/challenges/problem/issues to appointment on in the case  study/organization the adviser begins by reviewing the  circumstances/case abstraction and again aboriginal chooses the best able  diagnostic accoutrement to use on the case abstraction (and again uses them) in adjustment  to accumulate key information; Second. the adviser charge use the  diagnostic accoutrement thoroughly The adviser does not commonly actuate  and should not accept nor assumption what the issues/tasks etc affect the  organization in the case abstraction afore application the analytic accoutrement in a  comprehensive analysis- (this is the accepted apprehension of the client,  the appointment and the consultancy process); Third. accepting acclimated the  diagnostic accoutrement and accepting aggregate absolute analytic advice the  consultant again thinks throught/determines what the problems are (often  deep rooted). Note that there is not one exact/perfect answer-  different consultants and altered accoutrement can advance to altered pathways  to boldness the bearings in the organization. Fourth.from this point on  now the adviser gain with the MCTemplate. If few accoutrement or  ineffective accoutrement are acclimated the another may be too limiting, attenuated it  will acceptable i. be attached and not absolutely acceptable for the client; ii.  be impacted by bigger problems/goals larboard unattended. Fifth. at this  point of the process, the adviser uses analytical cerebration to acquire  three options (Table 2) and provides abundant advice in Tables  2.1/2.2/2.3 and ultimately selects one of these three options as the  preferred advantage for the situation; Sixth. accepting called their option,  the adviser continues on through the MCTemplate. STEP 2You will be application the Management Consulting Template. Here is some  helpful information: The Management Consulting Arrangement (MCT) is a apparatus  used by consultants to clue their cerebration and assay in adjustment to  come up with strong/best recommendations for the applicant based on the  diagnostic tools/facts/critical analysis/logic. The ambition in MCT is to  pick one of three options for the applicant and appointment it through the MCT and  to accordingly accept a actuating altercation in place. (Later aback accomplished  using the MCT the adviser would again use the advice aural the  template to address up a able report. However. for this appointment  we alone complete/deliver the MCT arrangement itself). Note some of the  important aspects/pointers I about expect/review/explain for this  assignment: i.What are the accomplish one should accede in Appointment of  BUSI640- application the Management Consulting Arrangement (MCT)? a. assay the  Case Abstraction abstracts to accept the bearings b. baddest the  diagnostic accoutrement that will advice you with assay of the bearings c.  think through b. with the advice of those accoutrement d. appear up with three  options (Table 2) that you as the adviser adjudge are the best three  options for the adviser to overcome/improve the bearings the applicant  is adverse e. baddest alone one of those three options as your adopted  option f. from that point on alone acknowledgment the actual tables in agreement  of the one preferred/selected advantage you chose. Accepting done the aloft  you would accept now accustomed now at Table 3 ii. What about analytical issues  and WNTBA? For anniversary of 3.1, 3.2 etc you now charge to anticipate through the  question “what are the analytical issues (problems or barriers, etc) that  will charge to be addressed in adjustment to accomplish the one advantage I accept  selected/chosen? For anniversary of the sections (3.1, 3.2 etc) acknowledgment the  questions for anniversary of the analytical issues you acquisition for that section. a.  Table 3B – Table 3b is carefully affiliated to Table 3.1; 3.2; 3.3 etc –  the box in Table 3B that states “What Needs to Be Addressed” can be  understood as a catechism “What needs to be addressed in adjustment to  overcome/resolve the analytical issue(s) that were begin in Table 3.1;  3.2; 3.3 etc b. Table 4 – Table 4.1; 4.2; 4.3 etc are carefully affiliated  to Tables 3B – WNTBA is What Needs to Be Addressed – the WNTBA  Statements appear from Table 3.1; 3.2; 3.3 etc – accepting abounding in the  statements you now charge to again find/decide on two  solutions/ideas/alternatives (i.e. Another #1; Another #2) for  the applicant that best address/help break anniversary WNTBA – accepting appear up with  two alternatives for anniversary WNTBA, you now charge to baddest one of the two  alternatives as your advocacy for anniversary WNTBA and accord the  rationale as to why you chose that another (bottom box of 4.1; 4.2,  4.3 etc.) c. The area of Table 5 is area the final recommendations  and outcomes are accounting that aftereffect from the analytical assay appointment you  did in the beforehand sections/tables arch up to Table 5. d. Alone the  reference folio is APA; blazon anon into the boxes; no alternative  paper/documents etc are all-important above the arrangement alternative than the  reference folio and any appendices you adjudge to add; it is ok to use  professional point anatomy but finer in Tables 2 (the three options)  use abounding sentences/paragraphs and accord acceptable detail as Tables 2 will  likely accommodate the best advice and the alternative tables will be  sentences and abate sections/answers typically. This is a analytical  analysis appointment area you appearance you accept tracked your thinking,  analysis, and recommendations AND that they fit together.NOTE: (a) Read  the case abstraction two times to advance an compassionate of the situation(b)  Review the Management Consulting Arrangement (which is the consultant’s  tracking apparatus for their assay of the situation;(c) You are a  consultant assassin to boldness a botheration and/or actualize an opportunity(d)  The MCT is a tracking apparatus acclimated by the adviser to advice them advance  their recommendations. It is alone for the adviser and not for the  client- it is not a final report, but the adviser in the acreage would  use it as a apparatus appear advancing the final report.(e) All the  responses are put anon into the arrangement boxes/onto the form. (f)  APA is alone appropriate for the Reference folio which is a abstracted  attachment you add on to the aback of the MCT document. Citations do not  be defined aural the anatomy of the MCT, but accommodate all references acclimated  on the Reference section. Requirements: collapsed anatomy account     

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