nursing multidimensional care 4

Module 07 Altercation - New Admit Discussion Topic Activity Time: 2 hours; Added Time for Study, Research, and Reflection: 1 hour Scenario As a assistant on a accepted medical floor, the RN has accustomed a new admit. Review the applicant abstracts provided. Richard Henderson 58 years old Male Accept diagnosis: GI bleed History: no surgical history Medical history: Gastritis & GERD Medications: Prilosec 40 mg PO daily, Atenolol 25 mg PO BID, Fiber daily, Alka Seltzer PO – states he takes this at atomic daily. Report from physician’s office: Mr. Henderson accustomed to the physician’s appointment today for a complaint of accretion belly pain. He states that he is now throwing up coffee-ground emesis. He states that he didn’t booty his BP medication this morning because he was dizzy. The physician is acceptance him with a analysis of GI drain with an EGD appointed for tomorrow. He is NPO, and has a 22G IV lock in the larboard forearm. Aftermost set of basic signs BP 106/60 mm Hg, HR 98 beats/min, RR 20 breaths/min, Temp. 98.8 degrees F, P.O. 90% on allowance air. He aftermost vomited about 45 account ago with a baby bulk of aphotic coffee-ground emesis. His affliction is 4/10 at present. No affliction medication is ordered at this time. Lab assessments ordered: CBC and allure panel CT of the belly shows no signs of chargeless air (no perforation) When he arrives to the floor, he is pale, nauseous, and his bark is air-conditioned and clammy. When he is transferred to the bed from the stretcher, he vomits a ample bulk of coffee-ground emesis and loses consciousness. Instructions In the altercation post, abode the following: While accepting report, what apropos do you accept apropos the applicant report? What blazon of shock is occurring? What date of shock is the applicant experiencing? What is your abutting action and why? What added lab assessments would you anticipate? Accommodate added thoughts and insights. In the antecedent announcement accommodate one added ability alternative than the appropriate reading

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