Scenario You are a nursing administrator of the apprenticeship and innovations administration at a ample nonprofit bookish medical center. You do assignment at the flagship hospital, but there are three added campuses and several affiliated accessories throughout three added states. Therefore, technology is heavily relied aloft for constant and reliable advice for interdisciplinary care. Recently, the CNO beatific you a accommodating achievement analysis highlighting how afflicted this accommodating was with their nurse’s accommodation of answering their questions. The accommodating connected to allotment that the assistant acclimated their claimed corpuscle buzz to ability out to the patient’s provider to get description of the patient’s acquittal instructions. The accommodating admired their quick acknowledgment and capital to highlight this as a best convenance for all healthcare professionals. Instructions You accept aloof completed a technology acceptance appraisal of the healthcare agents beyond departments, and it has appear to your absorption that several nurses occasionally acquaint with medical providers through argument on their claimed corpuscle phones, application their phone’s messaging service. The nurses begin that they are able to accommodated their accommodating needs added quickly. Your appraisal additionally apparent that a assistant acclimated their claimed corpuscle buzz to booty a account of a patient’s bottom ulcer. The account was acquaint on amusing media as a admonition to diabetics the accent of managing their claret sugars. As the nursing apprenticeship administrator it is your albatross to ensure agents are afterward the hospital polices and your technology appraisal has accent that the agents is in burning charge of HIPAA training and Smart Buzz use. Using the book aloft actualize a binding training for all agents application PowerPoint with articulation over including the following: Examine claimed Smart Buzz use and its implications in Healthcare Identify and explain a minimum of 3 bent uses of Smartphones in healthcare (including argument messaging and pictures) Discuss abeyant allowances to adapted Smartphone use in healthcare Examine accurate use of Amusing Media and its implications in Healthcare Abeyant allowances to adapted use of Amusing Media in healthcare Identify a minimum of 3 bent uses of Amusing Media (as advised by NCSBN) Describe authoritative bodies and Ethical Frameworks acclimated to assure Claimed Health Information (PHI) Investigate the role of HIPAA, HITECH, and Nursing Code of Ethics Determine the acknowledged after-effects associated with bent or actionable Smart Buzz and Amusing Media use.

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