Scenario You are a agents assistant at Healing Spaces Hospital, and through your adherence and affection for healthcare technologies, you accept been voted as the nursing agent to sit on the Arising Innovations Council Committee. In advancing for your aboriginal board affair you accept apprehend through the aftermost year of affair account and bent what the accomplished nursing agent had accomplished and what approaching goals were set for this specific role. The affair account from aftermost ages appearance that the council board is currently attractive at arising advice technologies and how the hospital can advantage amount able abstruse advances. In alertness for the aboriginal affair you accept created a account of best practices based on your bookish assay and actualize a account of activity affairs for leveraging these into practice. Instructions You accept aloof absolved into your aboriginal council board affair and bound see this board is accessible to move advanced with levering technology specific to communication. As the nursing delegate, you accept been tasked with creating a allusive assay of two advice technologies and how they can be acclimated to advance advice amid healthcare teams as able-bodied as how it can access accommodating outcomes. Before the abutting account board meeting, they appetite you to accelerate them a allusive assay application a architecture of your best (i.e. table) of two advice technologies that you feel best advance assurance and affection healthcare. Write a allusive assay including the following: Discuss the two called advice technologies you accept called with abutment from bookish research Describe the action of anniversary technology Analyze how it is acclimated in the healthcare setting Examine how the two called technologies can be acclimated to advance advice amid the healthcare team. Provide a specific convenance archetype from the abstract to abutment how anniversary technology has been apparent to advance advice amid the healthcare team. Discuss how anniversary advice technology has been apparent to advance accommodating outcomes. Identify affirmation from the abstract to abutment how anniversary technology has been apparent to appulse accommodating outcomes.

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