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CHAPTER REVIEW ASSIGNMENT Course: Principles of Sociology 1-Comprehensively abridge the affiliate agreeable on folio one 2-Analyze accordant agreeable from your arbitrary on pages two.  3-Conclude your absolute arbitrary on folio three 4-Always present affidavit (paraphrase or quotations) from the book to abutment your point.  5-Use the questions beneath to adviser you in your review. You do not accept to acknowledgment all questions.  However, answering abounding of these questions, will aftermath a absolute affiliate review -Identify the capacity and apriorism of the chapter. Why did the author(s) address the chapter? What  point of appearance or position does he/she/they booty on the topic? Abridge the agreeable of the  chapter (look the account on this topic). What is discussed first, second, third? How is the theme  of the affiliate introduced? How does the affiliate end? Do not appraise yet, aloof acquaint us what is in  the chapter. Consult the table of capacity to advice you abridge (if available). What are the  author's(s’) sources of information? What are the accreditation for autograph about this affair with  authority? How was the advice aggregate about this topic? PAGES TWO  -Now accommodate an assay of the chapter: What are the strengths and weaknesses of the  author's(s’) position? What types of questions would you ask the author(s) to advice analyze your  understanding? With what do you accede (summarize for us the arguments that bulldoze your  agreement)? Do you disagree with any of the author's statements? What are they and what is the  nature of your disagreement? What sources abutment your position? Is this affiliate agreeable sound?  What sources are acclimated to abutment the author's position? Do you anticipate these sources are  interpreted correctly? Who would you acclaim apprehend this affiliate and why? Should we  continue to use this affiliate as a allotment of our chic account in the future? Why?  PAGES THREE -Conclude your absolute Institution Affiliate Assay (and Summary). May not charge the  entire folio (half a folio would suffice)  The affiliate assay should be three pages in breadth bifold space

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