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Choose one cine ___________________ Group 1: Precious Knowledge (2011)  Group 2: Crazy Rich Asians (2018) Group 3: Harriet (2019) Group 4: ______________ Baddest Your Favorite Cine that Relates to Sociology (content  covered – Social Perspective, Social Structure, and/or Social Stratification).  You accept a best on the Cine you baddest to assay for Exam 3. You should be able to acquisition it  on Kanopy (BHCC Library), YouTube, Netflix, On Demand, Prime... etc.  In Essay format, use your sociological acuteness (insights), your socialization  Project 2 (insights), and your insights from our discussions on Social Stratification  categories association uses in this Assay (2-3 pages bifold space). Be artistic but  use the advice beneath to advice you adapt your analysis. What you accommodate is  based on your own angle from watching the cine you select.  a- Write an Introduction (include the capital abstraction of the movie/your points) a. Point 1: How Sociological Acuteness connects to the Movies Capital focus. b. Point 2: How Socialization Project 2 (at atomic 1) helps us accept the  Movies focus. c. Point 3: How Social Stratification (at atomic 1) relates to the Movie.  b- Assay three things from the Cine application (Evidence, Explanation, and Example  from the cine in articulating and developing anniversary point): The sociological imagination • Point 1: use Evidence (from the Movie), Explanation, and 1 Example (i.e. Movie) Socialization content/project; and • Point 1: use Evidence (from the Movie), Explanation, and 1 Example (i.e. Movie) Social Stratification (class, race/ethnicity, and/or class) • Point 1: use Evidence (from the Movie), Explanation, and 1 Example (i.e. Movie) c- Write a Conclusion (what did you apprentice from the movie? How Sociology chronicle to the  movie in 2-3 specific ways, would you acclaim the film).  -Re-state the focus of the Cine you articular in the Introduction.  -Highlight the aspect of the three credibility you addressed in your Assay (one point  at a time). -State your 2-3 best important booty abroad from the Cine that connects to Sociology  from your point of view.  -Would you acclaim this Cine to a peer, friend, family, or assignment colleague. State  Why? Or why not? 

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