Need in one hour.A short introduction for my self.

Who I Am and Where I’ve Come From

This assignment is to assist us in developing more of
a sense of community in this class. We have had some basic introductory information in an earlier assignment. However,
a sense of “belonging” begins
only when people share significantly with one another (actual tasks and physical activities are good, too) so
please push yourself a bit more in terms of deeper sharing.

The idea is to take a very reflective look at what has shaped and is shaping you as a person. Information on some of the following would be very helpful:

  • Lets start with where you have come from physically.

  • What has shaped your attitudes and outlook on life

  • What do you aspire to become.

  • What do you value and how those values have been developed

  • How do your values shape your behavior, thinking, and feeling

  • How do you view the world and people in it

I realize that some of you
are very private persons
, however, it is important
that we begin to share in order to begin to
feel some sense of unity, common sense of purpose and come together
as a group who what to make some changes in our communities
. Obviously, t
his is an assignment that is graded. Please write from your heart and not simply for the grade. Post topics to this discussion on Forum.

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