Witt (2016) discusses the accent of rites of access and milestones in the alteration into adolescence on pp. 82 and 83. Please acknowledgment both Allotment 1 and Allotment 2. Part 1: In your opinion, back do you anticipate a actuality should be advised an developed in American society? Why? Are there assertive milestones or rituals that actuate adulthood, or is it a assertive age? Explain. Part 2: Briefly altercate your own adventure to adulthood. Altercate one or added milestones, rituals, or adventures in your activity that you acquainted adumbrated your access into adulthood. How do you anticipate this helped you in the transition? PLEASE EXPLAIN WHETHER YOU AGREE WITH MY CLASSMATE RESPONSE TO THE ABOVE QUESTION AND WHY? (A MININUM OF 125 WORDS)                                                               CLASSMATE'S RESPONSE I accept you are absolutely an developed back you are active on your own and advantageous all of your own bills. You can appearance ancestry of actuality an developed and can be mature, but until you can absolutely abutment yourself, you should not technically be advised an adult. I don't anticipate of it at a assertive age because anybody is different. Back I was my sisters age, I was alive two jobs, and was a administrator at one of them. I was additionally accessory about 4 classes per division and advantageous all of my bills on my own. My sister however, has a baby allotment time job, and alone takes about 2 classes, and doesn't pay all of her bills. There is annihilation amiss with this, I aloof accept I accomplished added bound than she did, which is why you can't put an age on adulthood. 

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