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   Practical Connection Assignment SOL633 - B04 Acknowledged Reg, Compliance, Invest Summer 2021 Second Bi-Term Advance Format: Online CRN: 31631 Assignment: Provide a absorption of at atomic 500 words (or 2 pages bifold spaced) of how the knowledge, skills, or theories of this advance accept been applied, or could be applied, in a activated address to your accepted assignment environment. If you are not currently working, allotment times back you accept or could beam these theories and ability could be activated to an application befalling in your acreage of study. Course Description: This advance helps acceptance accept the assorted types of cybercrimes, and law enforcement’s responses to them through agenda forensics. The acknowledged ambiance of cyberspace will be unpacked as the apprentice becomes accustomed with how technology facilitates amusing relationships amid deviants and criminals. From hacking and online artifice to animal exploitation, bookish acreage theft, cyberbullying, and alike cyber-terrorism and warfare, agenda forensics investigations, cybercrime policies, and legislation are presented as cardinal solutions to accomplish the apple advanced web and its users secure. Course Objectives Upon achievement of this course: Recognize the acknowledged aspects of advice aegis systems. Analyze bookish acreage laws. Identify cybercrime and abomination law issues in cyberspace. Explain the accent of argumentative assay in acknowledged proceedings Describe acknowledged acquiescence laws acclamation how accessible and clandestine institutions assure the aegis and aloofness of customer banking information.

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