The Assignment: Using all the advice from the North Carolina Foundations for Early Learning (NCFELD) ability and the video , you will complete 2 abbreviate action plans.(The NCFELD articulation is absorbed ) You may accept the 2 age groups you would like to focus on.  Be abiding to attending at NCFELD for the breakdown of age groups.  The afterward should be included for the 2 activities:  Example: Title of Activity: Age of Child: 8 months  Developmental Domain: Emotional and Social Development Goal:ESD-1 Accouchement authenticate a absolute faculty of self-identity and self-awareness Developmental Indicator: ESD 1a Show acquaintance of their bodies Description of Activity: Details are bare actuality (minimum of 3 sentences) Evaluation of Activity: How will you appraise the effectiveness/benefit of this activity?  What are the outcomes you apprehend for the child? How will you apperceive if the accouchement butt the concept? (minimum of 3 sentences) Grading Criteria All areas of the action plan should be included. Goals and indicators should be absolutely accounting out as able-bodied as accommodate the belletrist and numbers for each. Be abiding the adorning indicator is about to the age of child. See Example above. All areas are articular for anniversary activity: *Title (10points) *Age (10 points) *Domain, Goal, Adorning Indicator (30 points) *Activity descriptions accommodate bright instruction. (20 points) *Evaluation adjustment is acutely articular for anniversary activity. (20 points) *Points are deducted for spelling and grammar Resources NCFELD, video  NC_Foundations_ADA.pdf NC_Foundations_ADA.pdf - Alternative Formats  

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