Narrative assignment

DISCUSSION: FINAL PROJECT BRIEFING/ANALYSIS ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONSThe apprentice will complete 1 Altercation in this course. The apprentice will column one thread, consisting of a anecdotal PowerPoint, by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Thursday of the assigned Module: Week. The apprentice charge again column 2 replies of at atomic 250 words by 11:59 p.m. (ET) on Friday of the assigned Module: Week. For anniversary thread, acceptance charge abutment their assertions with at atomic 8 bookish citations in APA format. Anniversary acknowledgment charge absorb at atomic 1 bookish commendation in APA format. OVERVIEWThis altercation and accompanying replies accomplish up your final project. This altercation is assay based and will crave cogent alfresco account commodity reading.  INSTRUCTIONSWarning: This Altercation is not a acceptable 350 to 500-word aboriginal post.  This altercation is your final activity and represents a aloft assay project.  • You shall adapt and attach a 10 to 17 accelerate anecdotal PowerPoint Presentation and attach it as your aboriginal post. o Title slide(s) and advertence slide(s) do not calculation against the accelerate count.  o Please accumulate in apperception that this is a doctoral akin presentation.  o Your assay charge go aloft the bald arbiter and accept a minimum of 8 bookish sources.  o Any sources cited charge accept been appear aural the aftermost bristles years. Acceptable sources accommodate .gov sources, UN, and adopted government websites as your contempo and accordant sources if the autograph is bookish in attributes (authored works) or able-bodied researched (CIA or State Department).o The Holy Bible should be acclimated at atomic already in the PowerPoint presentation.  o Each accelerate (of the 10 to 17 capital anatomy slides) charge accept 200 to 350 words of bulleted or branch speakers addendum (in apostle addendum area of the accelerate build).  o The slides should be able and not chaotic with too abounding words.  o The sources should be reflected in the apostle notes, slides, and “reference area slide”.  o Additionally, you, the student, should use animations, transitions, and cartoon to reflect PhD akin research.  • You will column a 250-word acknowledgment to 2 classmate’s presentations. The acknowledgment requires a minimum of 1 appropriately formatted citation. Anniversary acknowledgment charge be completed by you, the alone student. The acknowledgment posts are due the aftermost day of the module: anniversary assigned.  • Responding to a classmate’s column requires both the accession of new account and analysis. A accurate point fabricated by the acquaintance charge be addressed and congenital aloft by your assay to move the chat forward. Thus, the acknowledgment column is a accurate appointment that requires you to body aloft antecedent posts to advance added and added absolute altercation of the account alien in the antecedent posts. As such, acknowledgment posts that alone affirm, restate, or unprofessionally affray with the antecedent post(s) and abort to accomplish a valuable, absolute addition to the altercation will accept adapted point deductions.REFERENCE EXPECTATIONS:You charge use a minimum of 8 contempo accordant sources.  You may use .gov sources, UN, and adopted government websites as your contempo and accordant sources if the autograph is bookish in attributes (authored works) or able-bodied researched (CIA or State Department).  Although the accuracy of the affection references is not as ambitious as your antecedent affidavit – you will still be graded on your advertence quality.  If you accept questions about the account of references, acquaintance your assistant above-mentioned to submitting. PROMPT: Potential linkages in transnational organized abomination and agitation are a concern.  This affair may be decidedly accordant in agreement of all-around aegis and citizenry aegis in the United States.  Using the assemble explained above, adapt a post/paper and PowerPoint allegory the abeyant transnational organized abomination – agitation antecedent and the aftereffect on all-around aegis as able-bodied as citizenry aegis in the United States.  Please agenda the affair aloft could calmly be a apriorism breadth paper.  Your claiming will be to hone and attenuated your PowerPoint presentation through a acceptable apriorism account to abatement aural the breadth constraints provided.  If you ambition to go over accelerate count/word count, amuse acquaintance your adviser for permission to do so.This advance utilizes the Post-First affection in all Discussions. This agency you will alone be able to apprehend and collaborate with your classmates’ accoutrement afterwards you accept submitted your cilia in acknowledgment to the provided prompt. 

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