2 pages excluding awning and references. 12-point Times New Roman font, bifold spaced, accustomed margins. Use APA citation. 1. Utilize the Myers Briggs after-effects and abridge your personality type.                                    (I WILL UPLOAD FILES WITH MY RESULTS FOR MYRES BRIGGS TEST) 2. What did you apprentice about yourself by commutual the Myers Briggs? 3. Make at atomic two access amid your personality blazon and specific settings aural the amusing anatomy in the United States – how ability the appearance be a backbone or claiming for you in assorted environments (e.g., in the assignment force, in school, in the community)? 4. Think about your personality in accord to your cultural experiences. What access do you see amid the development of your personality and your cultural experiences? 5. Concluding Remarks  DUE ON AUG 29TH   Personality type: Advocate (INFJ-T) Traits: Introverted – 53%, Intuitive – 58%, Feeling – 82%, Judging – 82%, Turbulent – 71% Role: Diplomat Strategy: Constant Improvement 

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