Music/Society Modern Wrld (W5)

Week 5: Sounds of Anti & Pro War Movements: From WWI to 9/11   We are rounding the bend appear the home stretch! I apperceive times are tough, and I acclaim you all for afraid in there! To clarify, I aloof capital to accelerate you the account of sources that should be referenced in article 5. Ch. 2 “From WWI into the 1950s” In Singing for accord : anti-war songs in American history. Ronald D. Cohen and Will Kaufman Kenneth Bindas and Craig Houston, “‘Takin’ Care of Business’: Rock Music, Vietnam and the Beef Myth” Dorian Lynskey “Country Joe and the Fish…Rock ‘n’ Roll Goes to Vietnam.” In: 33 Revolutions Per Minute Ch. 5 “Peace Songs back 1970” from Singing for accord : anti-war songs in American history. In Ronald D. Cohen and Will Kaufman Reebee Garofalo, “Pop Goes to War, 2001–2004: U.S. Accepted Music Afterwards 9/11” Bryan Garman, “Models of Charity and Spirit: Bruce Springsteen, 9/11, and the War on Terror” Assignment: Briefly acknowledge to anniversary of these prompts. Total chat calculation should be approx. 1000. Accommodate works cited page. You charge adduce all appropriate readings and films, or it will be a ZERO, with a adventitious to resubmit for a capped grade. Discuss accepted beef music from World War I to the 1950s. How did music both accurate pro- and anti-war stances? Give at diminutive 2 examples of each. Also, accommodate altercation of how musicians bidding anxieties with the diminutive bomb.   Discuss how American rock/pop music reflected both pro- and anti-war sentiments during the Vietnam War era. Be abiding to altercate at diminutive 4 songs and artists. Does agreeable brand (rock, folk, soul, country, etc.) chronicle to the political stances on war? If so, how and why ability this be?  Discuss war-themed songs of the post-Vietnam era (1975-2000). How do these analyze to those of the Vietnam era in agreement of sound, style, theme, political issues, agreeable content? Accommodate at diminutive 3 song examples with agreeable analysis. Discuss the accouterment in affection over time afterwards the attacks of 9/11 and how music reflected these changes. Particularly, agenda the aberration in accent for the 2 televised accolade concerts. Did assertive genres tend to be added accumbent with assertive political stances? If so, how and why ability this be? And, how ability assertive artists breach with this pattern? Accommodate a acknowledgment of jingoism, and songs/artists that body this. Accommodate altercation of Bruce Springsteen, censorship, and bright channel.   Compare and adverse American accepted beef music during the World Wars, Vietnam, post-Vietnam, and the post-9/11 eras. Did agnate issues arise? Did artists face agnate or altered situations/challenges as accompanying to government, media, and audiences?

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