MTH220T Phoenix Week 5 Fundamental Counting Principal Assignment

ParticipationPrompt Week 5, Day 3 (Thursday)

In this discussion assignment, discuss with the other members of your group your experiences taking this week’s Show What You Know diagnostic activity.

Post a 150-word response to the discussion prompts by Day 3 in the discussion area below:

  • How did you do on the Show What You Know diagnostic this week?
  • What skills have you learned in this class that you can apply to your career or other aspects of your life? What did you learn about yourself as a learner throughout this course?
  • What can you do differently in your next math class to help you with your fears regarding math?
  • What skills did you learn in this class that you didn’t know before?

MyMathLab® Week 5 Show What You Know

The purpose of this learning activity is to assess your pre-existing knowledge of the learning objectives that will be covered in this week. Use the feedback that is provided from the Week 5 Show What You Know to focus your time and effort on thoe concepts identified as problem areas. Be sure to seek out additional practice and assistance to improve your comprehension of the topics that you find difficult.

You will have an unlimited amount of attempts to complete the weekly Show What you Know, but you will not have access to the Help Me Solve This or View an Example features. Keep in mind that the MyMathLab® portion of your grade for the week is only earned through your progress in the weekly Homework. While the weekly diagnostic activity is not graded, you will need to have completed it to access the week’s Homework.

Complete the following steps to access the Week 5 Show What You Know:

  1. Select the Interactive/Tutorial tab.
  2. Select External Content Launch link to open MyMathLab®.
  3. Select Homework and Tests located on the top-left corner of the screen.
  4. Select Week 5 Show What You Know.
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