MTH122 Discussion forum 250 words and APA cited references

Please respond to the below post in at least 250 words and APA cited references


  • Chapter 3, Sections 1 through 5, in Algebra & Trigonometry: Graphs and Models


  • Heeley, J. (2011). Equations [Video file]. Retrieved from|video_work|1782153
  • Musings on Math. (2011). An essay on the quadratic formula: Origins, derivation, and applications. Retrieved from

For this discussion, complete the following tasks:

  1. Use an outside source to search for a quadratic equation that models something from your daily life.
  2. Solve the equation in two ways.
  3. Discuss which method you liked better and why.
  4. In your responses to peers, compare and contrast your preferences for how to solve quadratic equations.
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