Module 7 Term paper/ Term paper presentation

Students will be appropriate to abide an 800-1000 chat appellation paper. The cardboard charge focus on a affection affair in bloom affliction administration and accommodate at atomic one action from the argument that the student, as a bloom affliction manager, would advance to actual the affection issue. The apprentice is accepted to explain how the action will be implemented and evaluated and explain how the action will advance affection of the called issue. The affair of your cardboard charge be from “Patients Safety”. The cardboard will advance APA architecture and be double-spaced with 1-inch margins, Times New Roman, and 12-point font. The 800-word minimum claim agency at atomic 800-1000 words of accounting actual of which no beneath than 75% charge be your own words, not quotations. Cover sheets, tables of contents, pictures, diagrams, charts, boundless quotations, and advertence pages do not calculation as allotment of the minimum requirement. The assistant affluence the appropriate to actuate what constitutes “excessive.” Term Cardboard Presentation You are appropriate to actualize a presentation about ”patient safety” from your appellation cardboard topic. It is recommended that the you use Microsoft PowerPoint for this presentation. The presentation charge be a minimum of 10 slides in length, accoutrement all of the accordant aspects of the appellation paper. The use of the addendum area to abduction accordant talking credibility for anniversary accelerate is expected. 

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